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International Academic Records

International students should use their international academic record to report ALL international coursework in the same way it appears on their record. To be considered for freshman admission, you must complete secondary school earning superior marks in academic subjects and receive a certificate of completion that grants you admission to university-level studies in your country.

All applicants are considered using the same admission requirements, including SAT and ACT testing, and are included in the same selection process. If you have attended both international and U.S. high schools, both your international and U.S. courses and grades will be considered. You may also be required to demonstrate English proficiency. Visit the Exams and Visas page for more information.

Admission Information for Specific Countries and Educational Systems

The information in this section is intended to supplement admission requirements for freshmen and transfers, not replace them.

  • 13-Year Educational Systems: If pre-university education is 13 years long in your country, you must complete all 13 years before entering UC Davis. You must graduate from secondary school in your country earning a certificate of completion that enables you to attend a university in your country. Admission to UC Davis is not offered prior to completion of the 13th year.
  • British System and Singapore: You must complete at least 5 IGCSE/GCSE/GCE O Levels, and at least 3 GCE A Levels to be considered for admission. AS levels will also be considered. If you receive A, B or C grades on your GCE A level examinations, UC Davis may consider granting you transfer credit toward your bachelor's degree. The exact credit amount will be determined after you have been formally admitted and provide your official certificate.
  • India and Pakistan: You must complete your standard XII years of education and sit for 10th and 12th year board/state examinations.
  • International Schools: Your international school must have an appropriate level of recognition in the educational system it follows. You must also be earning a certificate of completion that will allow you to enter a university in that educational system. If your international school follows a U.S. curriculum, your school must have U.S. accreditation and you must graduate with a U.S. high school diploma or an equivalent credential.
  • International Baccalaureate: If you are completing your IB diploma or simply taking some IB courses, make sure to report your IB status in your application. There are instructions in the application for reporting IB coursework and examinations.
  • Malaysia: You must complete your SPM and STPM or A Levels to be considered for admission.
  • Sri Lanka: You must complete Sri Lankan GCE O and A Levels. You may also complete O and A Levels through a British Examination Authority.
  • New Zealand: You must complete Form 7 earning your Higher School Certificate. If you will be receiving a Bursary or NCEA Level 3, please indicate this in your application.