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Undergraduates interested in graduate school or a professional program after UC Davis will find a wealth of support services at UC Davis.

Graduate and professional schools around the country recognize a degree from UC Davis as a sign of educational excellence. That's why more than 80 percent of all UC Davis students applying to graduate school attend their first or second-choice institution. We strongly encourage undergraduates to connect with our pre-professional advisors as early as their first year on campus to plan a strategy and connect with campus resources. Learn more about how we can help you prepare for graduate study in your chosen field.

Business School

A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) is your passport to challenging upper-level positions in professional administration and management. Companies from the Fortune 500 to tiny start-ups are eager to hire managers with proven training and knowledge of today’s fast-moving economy.

Most professional business schools require you to take only a few core courses as an undergraduate. These typically include accounting, economics, calculus and statistics. Business schools also seek candidates with well-developed communication, analytical and organizational skills. In addition to your coursework and GPA, business schools will evaluate your scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and your work experience. Our Internship and Career Center can help match you with the perfect internship opportunity to develop real-world work skills that will make you a more attractive candidate for business school admission. Pre-MBA Advising can guide you through the application process, offers workshops and provides drop-in advising about MBA programs.

If you’re interested in entering a business career in a specific industry, consider some of our majors with an optional business focus. Nearly any major at UC Davis can be your foundation for further education in business administration.

Graduate School

Are you considering going on to earn a master’s or doctoral degree after completing your undergraduate studies? Pre-Graduate School Advising can help you find your way. From our annual Graduate Information Day, where you can meet with representatives from 100+ graduate institutions, to regular workshops on the application and financial aid process, Advising Services offers a wide range of useful resources.

It is never too early to begin planning your graduate study path. By meeting with a graduate school adviser early in your academic career, you can make sure you’ll take the right classes and develop the right skills to make you a good candidate for admission. With thousands of institutions offering graduate-level programs in the U.S. and abroad, you’ll need to start early to sort through your options.

Law School

Interested in a career in law? Graduates in any major can be accepted to law schools. No specific coursework is required, and students from a variety of backgrounds succeed in legal studies. Undergraduate GPA is a significant factor in the law school admission process, as well as the LSAT score, the personal statement and recommendation letters.

Certain courses are especially useful for developing the skills you’ll need for admission in law school. Analytical and critical thinking, logical reasoning, public speaking, written communication and understanding of human nature and history are important proficiencies for successful lawyers. The pre-law advisers in our Advising Services Office can help you choose courses that will teach you these skills and be compatible with the requirements for your major.

Pre-Law Advising offers a number of other benefits for UC Davis students interested in law school: personal counseling and assistance regarding the application and selection processes for law schools, including helpful advice about the personal statement; preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT); workshops on applying to law schools and financing your law school education; mock LSAT tests; and our Law School Information Day, an annual gathering of representatives from law schools who come to meet with UC Davis students and offer information about their programs.

Medical School, Nursing School and Health Sciences

Are you interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or other allied health professions? Visit the Health Professions Advising (HPA) office, where professional and peer advisers are ready to help you prepare for admission to health profession schools. HPA can keep you on track for your career goals through guidance, workshops, announcements of internships, and professional school admission counseling.

While many students interested in health science careers choose to major in biology or related sciences, professional health schools admit students from a wide variety of majors. As long as you have strong grades in science courses and score well on admission tests such as the MCAT, a degree in another area may have a lot to offer. For example, students pursuing degrees in the humanities and social science will develop a valuable set of skills needed to communicate and interact with an increasingly diverse patient population.

For personal advice on tailoring your education to meet your health science career goals, make an appointment to speak with an HPA adviser or attend one of the many workshops offered on health science topics.

Teaching Credentials and Education Careers

Do you want to share your love of learning with a classroom of students? Graduates in any major are well qualified to enter teaching credential programs and work with students in any grade. Pre-Graduate School/Credential Advising can help you connect with a credential program that meets your needs—full-time, special interest or one designed for working professionals. You can also get information about required tests and courses for credential seekers. Most credential programs also require letters of recommendation and candidate interviews.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary school is challenging, demanding and highly competitive.  As home of one of the nation’s top veterinary schools, UC Davis offers undergraduate students access to veterinary medicine resources that other schools aren’t able to provide. Health Professions Advising can help.